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This page is dedicated to gathering various note types and decks that isn't jp-mining-note. These are added in order of when I first come across the note type, so it's roughly ordered from the oldest to newest note types.

I personally try to add as many templates as I can find here, but it's likely I will miss some. Feel free to let me know of any note types you find interesting (including your own note type, or modified versions of this note), and I will very likely add it here! (Brownie points if you make a pull request for it too!)

Note Types

Anime Cards


Example images

(Lazy Guide) Xelieu's Modified Anime Card

Website & Download・Contact: Xelieu#8158 (TMW server)

Example images (bilingual examples not shown)

stegatxins0's Modified Anime Card

Website & Download・Contact: Private1

Example image

Tatsumoto's TSC


  • TSC is short for "Targeted sentence cards"
  • jp-mining-note is a heavily modified version of this (to the point of it being completely rewritten)

Example image

AJATT-Tool's AnkiNoteTypes


  • A collection of user-created notes. Most are based off of the above TSC template.
  • The examples below do not showcase every note. Visit the templates folder on the website to see all the available notes.

MoonieBiloney's Note Types


  • Some require a Patreon subscription to access

Eminent Note Type

Website & Download・Contact: eminent#8189 (Perdition's server)

Example images

Elax's Note Type

Download・Contact: どん底#6628 (TMW server)

Example images

Description from the author

This is my anki card format it is based in the Gruvbox color scheme ( and changes dynamically with your Anki theme, you will need this handlebars in yomichan for it to work: (It is a modified version of the one in animecards, the only thing it changes is the color of the pitch pattern so it changes dynamically with the Anki theme) although if you're going to use the dark theme and you already have the animecards handlebars is not neccessary to download it although I still recommend it.

You can change between vocab card, sentence card, vocab audio card, and sentence audio card.

(Original discord message, on TMW server)

Timm's Anki Template

DownloadDownload (alternative theme)・Contact: Timm#3250 (TMW server)


Description from the author

UPDATE1: tango wasn't being colored in the sentence so i fixed it, check yomichan screen shot and add the css UPDATE2: added css

Here is my anki template, which is the result of bits I liked from other templates which I tried to glue together with my limited knowledge of programming.

Includes a card mined from the VN Steins;Gate 0 and a card from the LN 忘却探偵


Add this to the styling page of the template in anki


  • Automatic pitch coloring from iirc
  • Semi-automatic title generation, so you know from which anime/VN etc. a word is from
  • drop down page for multiple definitions, that are automatically added
  • The same features as look below (you can reverse a word to be a sentence card, audio card etc, with one click)
  • has full coverage with the intergration of embedded websites (more on this in the next section)
  • NSFW filter to blur pictures from here
  • stroke order for vocab that can be activated if you do so (most of the time the stroke order is clear, but what i implemented it for, is for that 万が一 case where a word has a weird stroke order, making it easier to remember)
  • horrible and clusstered code made by me

Note: This template is has following imperfections:

  1. Idk how to insert a line break when a word has multiple readings, picture of the problem
  2. Websites for more coverage are not displayed correct on mobile, also idk how to fix it
  3. I think images are not responsively sized on mobile

DM me if you have problems recreating the template (編集済)

CSS update:

Add this to the styling of the template in anki and check the yomichan screenshot above

.jpsentence {
    margin: 20px 0 0 0;
    font-size: 35px;

.pcolor {
display: inline-block;

add this to .img2 and .img:

justify-content: center;
margin: 0 auto;

add this exclusively to .img2:

margin-bottom: 25px;

Remove on the front template the div with jpsentence for the tango

(Original discord message, on TMW server)

Tigy01's Note Type

WebsiteDownload・Contact: Tigy01#1231 (Refold (JP) Server)

Example images

Stazor's Note Type

DownloadOriginal discord message・Contact: Stazor#6633 (TMW server)

  • The download link contains a readme.txt that has instructions on how to setup the fields & basic info on the card

Example images

rudnam's Note Type

Website & Download・Contact: rudnam#8661 (Refold (JP) Server)

Example images

jidoujisho's Note Type

The app jidoujisho comes with its own Anki template, that should be automatically generated on the first card add when using the app.

Jo-Mako - Audio

Website & Download & Contact

  • Audio and picture at the front, everything else at the back

Example images

Jo-Mako - Reading

Website & Download & Contact

  • Sentence at the front (with revealable picture and reading). Meaning at the back.

Example images

Mally's Note Type

Website & Download

Example images

Nocompo's Note Type

Website & Download

Example images

Klieret's Templates

Website & Download

Anacreon's Template

Website & Download

Example image


Kanken deck

Website & DownloadContact

Example image

NihongoKyoshi Anki Deck

DownloadOriginal discord message・Contact: medamayaki#0328 (TMW server)

  • Monolingual grammar deck

Example images

Other Decks

Everything Else (Not made specifically to learn Japanese)

  1. He seems to have left TMW Discord server, and his demo video on Youtube was privated. I assume he no longer wants to be contacted. 

Last update: February 28, 2023