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Custom HTML (Overrides)


An easy way to override and extend parts of the card templates is by using an overrides folder. This folder (specified under under the templates-override-folder option) allows you to override any file under the src folder (outside of scss files).

Primarily, this allows you to override sections of template code found under src/jp-mining-note, such as src/jp-mining-note/partials/hint.html.

The structure of the overrides folder must match the structure in the src folder. For example, if you want to override the hint file (src/jp-mining-note/partials/hint.html), the new file must be created under overrides/jp-mining-note/partials/hint.html


The following is deprecated starting from Version Version allows the user to customize external links in the compile options (

This is only here to serve as a placeholder example (while I try to think of other practical examples people would use). Let me know if you have any ideas!

Let's say we want to rewrite the Extra Info section to have external links that search for the tested word.

  1. Look for the partial within the src folder.
    This leads us to the src/jp-mining-note/partials/extra_info.html file.

  2. Override the partial.
    Now that we know the location of the partial, we create the same file in overrides. This new file should be of the path overrides/jp-mining-note/partials/extra_info.html.

  3. Write the code.
    Using the partial under src as an example, the following code is a modified version of the original HTML where we removed the dependency on the PAGraphs and UtilityDictionaries fields. Additionally, at the very bottom, a link to Jisho and Yourei is provided.

    Copy and paste the code below to your newly created file (overrides/jp-mining-note/partials/extra_info.html).

    Extra Info with External Links
    <details class="glossary-details glossary-details--small" id="extra_info_details">
    <summary>Extra Info</summary>
    <blockquote class="glossary-blockquote glossary-blockquote--small highlight-bold">
      <div class="glossary-text glossary-text--extra-info">
        {% call IF("PAGraphs") %}
          <div class="pa-graphs">
            {{ T("PAGraphs") }}
        {% endcall %}
        {% call IF("UtilityDictionaries") %}
          <div class="utility-dicts">
            {{ T("UtilityDictionaries") }}
        {% endcall %}
        <a href="{{ T('Word') }}">辞書</a
        ><a href="{{ T('Word') }}">用例</a>
  4. Rebuild and reinstall the template.
    After rebuilding and reinstalling, your Extra Info section should now have two links at the bottom.

Last update: November 9, 2022