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Yomichan Template Options

Yomichan template options are options that are specified, as you may have guessed, in Yomichan's templates. These options are applied on card creation, so changing these options will only affect cards created in the future.

Accessing & Editing

To access the Yomichan template options, head to the Yomichan templates as normal:

  1. Navigate to Yomichan Settings.
  2. Make sure that advanced settings are turned on (bottom left corner).
  3. Go to the Anki section
  4. Select Configure Anki card templates...

The options should be available at the very top of the template code.

Custom Markers

Additional markers can be used under the Yomichan Fields to further customize what happens during card creation time.

Custom card types on hiragana-only cards


New as of version This version is currently bleeding edge, so this feature cannot be used unless you compile the templates from the dev branch.

Markers: {jpmn-filled-if-word-is-hiragana}{jpmn-filled-if-word-is-not-hiragana}

If the word is purely comprised of hiragana, you can create different card types by default using these markers.

For example, let's say you want the default card to be a vocab card, but want hiragana terms to be TSCs. To do exactly that, do the following:

  • Navigate to Yomichan settings, and then to AnkiConfigure Anki card format....
  • Set IsTargetedSentenceCard to {jpmn-filled-if-word-is-hiragana}.
Example behavior (click here)
Example word {jpmn-filled-if-word-is-hiragana} {jpmn-filled-if-word-is-not-hiragana}
ふらっと 1
トイレ 1
成り立つ 1
ぶつぶつ 1
ブツブツ 1


This was inspired by Marv's hint sentence for kana cards.

Automatic furigana without AJT Japanese

New in version (latest version:

Marker: {jpmn-sentence-bolded-furigana-plain}

This automatically uses Yomichan's internal furigana generator to add furigana to your sentence. Use this under SentenceReading.

This is useful if:

  • You are not using AJT Japanese, or
  • You are using a device that doesn't have AJT Japanese installed (say, a phone), and you do not want to bulk generate furigana after each session.

Last update: March 8, 2023