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Before committing and going through the setup process, it would be best to make sure that the note aligns with exactly what you want.

Supported Systems

The most important step is to see if jp-mining-note (JPMN) works on your device.

Card Creation (Yomichan)

The card creation process requires a working instance of Yomichan, Anki-Connect, and Anki.

By default, this works on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), and the instructions shown will be for PC. However, with the proper setup, one can also create cards on the following platforms:

  • Android (including Android based e-readers such as ONYX BOOX)
  • Kindle (export to PC to create)

I'm not aware of a workflow for iOS that works with Yomichan.

Anki Desktop

Primary support is given to the latest stable Anki versions (2.1.54+ & Qt6). Limited support will be given for older versions of Anki. With that being said, JPMN should work for Anki versions 2.1.49+.

Mobile (AnkiDroid and AnkiMobile)

Mobile support is slowly being worked on, but JPMN (on mobile) is currently not stable. Do not expect the note to work on mobile. Therefore, if you absolutely must use Anki on mobile, I recommend not using this note. (EDIT: If you are still interested in using the note on mobile, I recommend trying out the beta).


There is no support for AnkiWeb, and there are no plans to support AnkiWeb.


Both light mode and dark mode are supported. However, dark mode is recommended as the main theme of this note.


If you ever wish to update the note, this can only be done on PC, and cannot be done on mobile. The note does not auto-update; you must manually update the note.

Theme & Design Principles

Made for Japanese Learning

The absolute fundamental goal of this note type is to make learning Japanese easier. Every feature you see is to simply make this learning process easier and smoother.

Minimalistic Design

This note is visually designed to be minimalistic because the fundamental goal is to learn Japanese, not to have eye catching graphics.

Minimal Dependencies

The only fundamental dependencies are Yomichan (to create the note) and the Anki-Connect add-on (to export the note from Yomichan, update the note, and for certain features to work within the note). Absolutely nothing else is required. This helps with maintaining stability across various Anki versions.

Modularized, Customizable & Extendable

This project ships with built-in tools to easily disable/enable features, or even completely remove them from the base template via compile-time options. Additionally, there are many built-in ways to extend the note to suit your exact needs.

Free & Open Source

Everything here, including the documentation itself, is completely free and open source, licensed under MIT. Rest easy knowing you will keep full ownership of your note, forever.


There are many, many Anki templates out there in the wild. The following page is my attempt to assemble together some of the the popular and/or interesting card templates.


Excited to take this note on a whirl?

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Last update: May 29, 2023